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Mountain bike guide / Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga Instructor

Born and raised in Bressanone, South Tyrol, he lived 20 years abroad, between Munich (Germany), Lucerne (Switzerland) and Glasgow (Scotland). Pier is a person who likes to share! Riding an ancient vehicle, but which in its most current interpretation of ancient preserves only the spirit. There are no more labors and there are no more obstacles, if not the ones you decide to face! The magical sensations that you will live will remain. The magic of a land lived on a magical electric mountain bike.

Bike Tours: Benvenuto


Why a bike tour? Because on foot you are too slow ... and in the car you are too fast! The bike tours allow you to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Sardinia, which offers not only beaches but also many places in the hinterland and breathtaking views. All this without worrying about fatigue: you will find different tours for each profile, you will decide whether this holiday will be dedicated to sport or relaxation. It is possible to agree on the route, stages and difficulties together. It's time for a different holiday than usual: thanks to the assisted pedaling of our mountain bikes, you don't need to be trained or ride a bike every day, you just need to choose the level of difficulty suitable for you among the EASY tours. If you are a regular biker and you love more adventurous routes, take a look at our FUN tours and book the one that's right for you!

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This tour will take you to discover Monte Limbara, the highest peak in Gallura with its 1,362 meters. From the top of Limbara you can enjoy a breathtaking 360 degree view, the view reaches the Costa Smeralda in the east and Asinara in the west, while Corsica is located in the north.
What distinguishes this mountain are the very particular rocks and its richness of water, with the presence along all the paths of drinking fountains with excellent drinking water.
This tour has a sustained level of technical difficulty, with a total uphill difference in height of 1,500 m with both uphill and downhill technical passages which make it a suitable route for the more experienced bikers, who will find bread for their teeth here. The route starts near Calangianus and proceeds towards Tempio Pausania. From the side of Tempio go up on a dirt road towards Vallicciola, then continue on a dirt road and asphalt towards the Madonna della Neve and then towards the summit, where you can enjoy a spectacular panorama. After a rather technical first descent, go up towards Li Conchi, and then descend on the Calangianus side.


The excursions in the hinterland allow you to fully enjoy the Sardinian experience.
The route develops along the route of an old disused railway transformed several years ago into a dirt bike path about 20 km long (round trip 40 km) immersed in a spectacular forest of cork oaks and olive trees, and the characteristic granites at slopes of Mount Limbara. One of the most suggestive routes, with gentle slopes, still practically unknown.
After following the route of the old railway you will stop in a characteristic family-run tavern where you can taste the typical Gallura dishes, for a complete immersion in this beautiful land.

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Sardinia is not only sea, but also an inland to discover, with its thousand surprises.
With this tour they will take you to discover the spectacular rocks of San Pantaleo and Monte Moro, from where you can enjoy a spectacular view of the Costa Smeralda.
Granite is a very hard rock, and it seems almost impossible that it can take on these artistic forms, one of the peculiarities of Gallura. In San Pantaleo we will closely observe some granites that seem carved by the hand of some artist. From the top of Monte Moro we will have a unique view of the coast, starting from Tavolare, then Capo Figari, the promontory at the end of the peninsula that extends into the sea at the height of Golfo Aranci, Portisco, Liscia Ruja beach, Cala di Volpe , Capriccioli, Romazzino, the Pevero Golf Club with the beaches of the small and large Pevero to get a glimpse of Porto Cervo. But it does not end here, because turning our backs on the Costa Smeralda we will see Cannigione, Baja Sardinia, La Maddalena and Caprera, Monte Limbara and on clearer days we will see Corsica in the distance.


Discover the beauty of the Gallura hinterland on a guided excursion on the latest generation electric mountain bike. In an excursion of about 2 hours you will cycle on quiet country roads between the rows of vines, to discover some panoramic point and hidden attractions of the area.
Afterwards we will visit a family-run winery. We will go to the discovery of the vineyard and the annexed laboratory for the production of typical local wines, such as Cannonau and Vermentino, and they will explain to you all the peculiarities of Sardinian wine, a product of excellence of this territory. A tasting of the wines produced by the company will follow, accompanied by a platter of local cold cuts and cheeses.

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Why WOW? Because that's what you will exclaim when you reach the top of Capo Figari and you will see the sea around you at 360 degrees!
This strip suspended between land and sea is of unique beauty.
The departure of this tour is from the Gulf of Marinella or from Porto Rotondo for a longer tour. After a few minutes you will already have the opportunity to see the whole gulf from an elevated point of view and then move to the splendid beach of Cala Sabina. The route continues until you come down the hill and in front of you the view of the Gulf of Olbia opens up with Golfo Aranci, Capo Figari, Figarolo and the majestic Tavolara. You will continue through Baia Caddinas, with its characteristic stone houses and then you will skirt the third beach of Golfo Aranci and you will cross the whole town. You will continue towards the splendid Cala Moresca, where the colors of the sea and the islet of Figarolo make it a small corner of paradise, and then you will climb for 3 km to the top of Capo Figari. The show that will open to your view from the top of Capo Figari leaves you breathless ... WOW! After the stop at Capo Figari you will descend towards Cala Moresca, they will take you on the Golfo Aranci promenade and then continue backwards along the third beach and Baia Caddinas, you will pass to have a refreshing drink on the beach in Cala Sabina and then you will return to Marinella.


The islands of La Maddalena and Caprera are special jewels, with their incredible rocks, beaches and colors.
On these two islands there is no shortage of things to see: you start with Punta Tegge, then Cala Francese, from which you can already see the island of Spargi and - if the sky is clear - Corsica. From here you will climb the panoramic road towards Forte Colmi, from which you can admire all the Bocche di Bonifacio, Budelli, Santa Maria and various islets ... We will then continue towards the dunes of the white beach of Bassa Trinita and then towards the beaches of Monte d'Arena, the Goldfinch and Spreader. Then we will take the road to Caprera, with a stop in the pine forest. Then we will continue towards Punta Rossa and the beaches of Due Mari and Cala Andreani. For those who are passionate about history you can go up to the fortifications of Poggio Rasu and then go to see the museum dedicated to Giuseppe Garibaldi.

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We will take you to discover the Rena County, and here you will also have to choose: adventure or relaxation? The more adventurous can choose the adrenaline of the adventure park, with its cableways, the Tibetan bridge and the rope descents or you can release all the tensions of your body and relax with a yin or hatha yoga lesson (the choice will also be made in based on the outside temperature), on a wooden platform under a spectacular granite tafon.
At the end you can cool off with a drink and then return to Cannigione

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